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Your Project is our Artzone



Spray painting

Fast and Great Work Means Fast and Great Work!



And we really mean it! We don't fool around. Once you get scheduled, our team arrives and we get the job done!!!

Our name is synonym of professionalism and prestige.

We are not in this business just for the dollars, we enjoy what we do!

We are backed by years of experience, quality work and satisfied clients. Our craftmanship is known and recommended throughout communities in Walworth county, Kenosha and Racine. Do  you know why? Because your project becomes our ARTZONE ! And we love our clientele!

Our signature work is admired and preferred by Geneva National and Abbey Springs property owners and developers. 

We use high quality paint brands for your paint project and the best materials in the industry for your tile installation needs. We are trained to help you decide and guide you in the process.

We look forward doing business with you!

-Artzone Painting & Tile Group, LLC.

  Ivana and Israel Mendoza


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